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Manhattan Martial Arts Instruction

• A WorldWeb.com Travel Guide to Martial Arts Instruction in Manhattan, New York.
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Self Defense for Everyone
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Pa-Kua ranges from martial arts and self defense with ancient weapons to healing arts such as traditional chinese medicine, reflexology, energy ways and Ch'ien-Chi-Kua.
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Estacada is a stylized fighting art that focuses on a blend of specific foundational movements which enable the practitioner to fully utilize the hands, feet, elbows, knees, grabs, throws and groundwork. The objective of Estacada is to be able to grasp the basic fundamentals of different disciplines and make the connection between them, thereby improving one's ability to adapt.
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Located in Chinatown, Louis Oscar Wing Chun focuses on teaching students the theories and concepts of Wing Chun kung fu, a close-range fighting style that provides an efficient method of self-defense.
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Michael Militano Wing Chun has been offering some of the finest Wing Chun instruction available in the NYC area, a tradition that continues through to this day!
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Manhattan Tae Kwon Do provides martial art classes in three locations, the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side and Mid-Town West.
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Andersons Martial Arts offers Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do concepts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Filipino Martial Arts.
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The basis of Kuk Sool is the development and use of Ki (internal power). It combines kicking, punching, forms, acrobatics, throwing, falling, choking, joint locking and a myriad of weapons techniques into a dynamic, hard-soft style. Classes are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
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Shorinji Kempo is a non-competitive Japanese martial way designed to help practitioners realize their potential, by exercising three elements: healthy mind, healthy body and effective self-defense. The system is based around realistic, challenging and enjoyable training, incorporating punches, kicks, blocks, locks and throws combined with seated meditation, philosophy and remedial massage.
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Manhattan Shorinji Kempo is a modern Japanese martial art with its heritage rooted in Shoalin Temple Kung Fu. The facility is based in the heart of New York City.

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